Knocking on wood brings good luck.

Trust in eXyrium too.


4 leaf clovers bring luck.

Our ideas do too.

Services for your individual needs

At eXyrium we are specialists in the fields of system architecture and software integration.
Complex guidelines and large companies are particularly interesting to us.
Implementing our professional vision in your project, creates business value for your company.
In all our projects, we strive to sustain what really matters your decision making capability.

Our goals!

At a glance

Project Management
Our experience allows us to use methods that can make an efficient contribution to the progress of projects. Our employees are trained in the value systems of agile models.

IT Architecture
Services in the field of IT architecture form the core of the services offered by eXyrium. Our solutions ensure conformity with existing operating processes.

We'll make sure you get the most efficient tools and methods for your project, and we'll show you how to measure their effectiveness.

Project management

The aim and focus of our work is to generate added value for your company through constructive cooperation with you and your employees.

Adapted to your specific framework conditions, we select process models that can make an efficient contribution to project progress.

In smaller projects - we like to use SCRUM and KANBAN - it is important for us that your project team have confidence in the results, in order to bring them on board and to actively support the development of a coherent project culture.

In the context of medium-sized and larger projects - SAFe has proved itself - we offer you project management office and risk management services in order to be able to generate reliable statements on project progress and to assess the risk status within complex project situations.

In all phases of the project, our work is based on S.M.A.R.T criteria!

Professionals know more

Project management has gained much importance within the economy because the correct use of its methods ensures the achievement of project goals.

From concept to project completion
We at eXyrium keep an eye on deadlines and costs in all phases of implementation. We recognise schedule deviations in good time, respond efficiently to them and guarantee conformity to the ongoing production process.

We're hiring

We're hiring IT-Consultant (m/w/d)

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it architecture

We will support you in the integration of IT systems, regardless of whether they are related to technical or functional processes.

When planning a global roll-out of your IT system, benefit from our experience and the solution strategies that we offer.

Let us advise you on the assessment of an existing concept or on the implementation of a planned project. Upon request, we can offer you a complete fixed price assessment of your project architecture, based on the results of a workshop.

Whether it is integration of systems, big data, rollout, enterprise architecture, information architecture or test management - our solutions ensure that you have both, sound cost/benefit balance sheets and conformity with existing operating processes.

The dictionary says:

Architecture is the science of planning and designing structures.

eXyrium says:
For us architecture means the goal-oriented assembly of information technology systems from components whose successful interaction we have learnt to understand through many years experience. Our visions are your added value.


During the course of a "retrospective" we will get to know your organisation and we will provide you with an accurate assessment of the current state of the examined project. We will support you with the selection of appropriate methods and tools and identify in which areas the greatest potential for improvement can be realised.

If desired, we will accompany your project managers or software architects for a specified period of time and provide practical assistance for specific business projects.

We will gladly assist you in presenting solutions to your shareholders or organise workshops to familiarise your project team with results.

Fifty to a hundred hours of pure handcraft.

That's how long a tailor needs for a perfectly fitting suit.

We are not tailors!
However, we will tailor a suit for your project! Based on the requirements of your project and the functional and technical knowledge of your teams, we will introduce you to the "tailor-made" components that perfectly fit your project.