Be our superhero!

Even if you can not fly
apply anyway!

Become a nutcracker

Did you know that a human jaw can apply on average a force of 80 kilograms? You don't need to break your teeth for us, but your expertise should suffice to crack all the nuts that we lay on the table, because when solving complex tasks you recognise the word "impossible" only from the dictionary!

If you are not satisfied resting on your laurels and are also constantly searching for the next "nut to crack" ... then maybe you can be our new "nutcracker"!

Exyrium - what else?

Benefits for you:

  • Work-life balance at its finest
  • Money and time enough to spend it
  • Team events & fitness for all
  • Hard- & Software that rocks
  • Training for hard and soft skills
  • Experience Germany from above via business class
We're hiring

We're hiring IT-Consultant (m/w/d)

100% homeoffice

The Bottom Line

The golden path of software development does not exist. However there are best practices and proven methods that can work for your project and your organisation.

And that's exactly what you get with us.

Project management

We ensure your projects remain successfully on target.

Do you want to generate added value for your company? You can achieve that with our help!

IT solutions

Your project architecture is our responsibility.

Do the right things! Do you know which ones? Services in the field of IT architecture form the core of the services offered by eXyrium.


We guide ideas for innovation.

Do you want your team to work together more effectively? Do you want to organise projects successfully? We initiate and guide the innovation process.